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High-Speed Rail


In 2008, Californians approved the first step toward a statewide high-speed train system with the passage of Proposition 1A which provides nearly $10 billion in state funding through bond sales.

Since then, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has secured several billion dollars in federal funds.  Construction is set to begin on the first section of the system in the Central Valley in 2012.



PECG Press Releases
& Documents

High Speed Rail - PECG Informer February 2013 Issue, page 2

PECG Letter to Senator Feinstein Regarding High Speed Rail - 1/11/12

PECG Supports Senator Feinstein's Call to Utilize Caltrans for High-Speed Rail Project - 1/11/12 Press Release

Feinstein Urges Governor to Combine High Speed Rail Authority with Caltrans - 01/10/12 Press Release

PECG Supports LAO Recommendations to Put High-Speed Rail Back on Track - 05/10/11 Press Release  

News Articles

State Engineers Question High-Speed Rail Oversight, Sacramento Bee, 1/19/13

Bid to Block California High-Speed Rail Work Fails, Fresno Bee, 11/16/12

High-Speed Rail Agency Pushes Back Deadline for Construction Bids in Valley, Fresno Bee, 10/30/12

High Speed Rail: More Changes Atop the State's HSR Agency, Fresno Bee Newsroom Blog, 10/25/12

Judge to Consider High-Speed Rail Injunction Request, Fresno Bee, 09/26/12

Bill Would Nix Rail Conflicts, San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/04/12

A Lot Riding on California Dream of High-Speed Rail, Christian Science Monitor, 08/21/12

Highway 99 Work for High-Speed Rail Delayed until 2014, Fresno Bee, 08/03/12

High-Speed Rail Will Shift Highway 99 Through Fresno, Fresno Bee, 07/31/12

California HSR Chair to be Honored at White House, Bay Area News Group Political Blotter, 07/30/12

Future of California High-Speed Rail Looks Green, UC Berkeley News Center, 07/26/12

California High-Speed Rail Critics Halt Campaign to Block Funding, Sacramento Bee, 07/26/12

California Senate Approves Funding for High-Speed Rail, Sacramento Bee, 07/06/12

Voters Have Turned Against California Bullet Train, Poll Shows, Los Angeles Times, 06/02/12 

California High-Speed Rail Board Votes to Hire New CEO, Sacramento Bee, 05/30/12

High-Speed Rail Sets Valley Route, Gets $1 Billion Offer, Fresno Bee, 05/04/12

Caltrans to Move Piece of Highway 99 for Rail, Fresno Bee, 04/18/12

California Bullet Train Plan Approved by State Rail Agency, Los Angeles Times, 04/12/12

California High-Speed Rail Plan Probed by Congress, San Francisco Chronicle, 04/10/12

High-Speed Rail Plan Slashes Costs to Calm Critics, San Francisco Chronicle, 04/01/12

High-Speed Rail Proponents Make Changes to Win Over California Lawmakers, Sacramento Bee, 03/18/12

High Speed Rail Chief: Bullet Train Won't Cost $100 Billion, San Jose Mercury News, 03/14/12

High-Speed Rail Project Likely Delayed Until 2013, Fresno Bee, 02/28/12

Brown Pins Legacy to Calif. High-Speed Rail Plans, Sacramento Bee, 02/21/12

Jerry Brown Says cap-and-trade Fees Will Fund High-Speed Rail, Sacramento Bee, 1/30/12

Dan Morain: Brown Buys a Risky Ticket on High-Speed Rail, Sacramento Bee, 1/19/12

Brown's High-Speed Rail Endorsement Draws Fire, Praise, UT San Diego, 1/18/12

Chief Executive of High-Speed Rail Project Steps Down Los Angeles Times, 1/13/12

Dianne Feinstein Urges Moving High-Speed Rail to Caltrans, Sacramento Bee, 1/10/12

Review Urges Delay in Borrowing Billions for Bullet Train, Los Angeles Times,  1/4/12

California Bullet Train Project Advances Amid Cries of Boondoggle, New York Times, 11/27/11

Critics, Proponents Debate High-Speed Rail Proposal at Public Hearing in Palo Alto, San Jose Mercury News, 11/16/11

Bullet Train Cost Estimates Rise to $98.5 Billion, Los Angeles Times, 11/1/11

Bullet Train's 'Sky Tracks' Will Cost Billions, California Watch, 08/25/11

California High Speed Rail Cost Soars, Sacramento Bee, 08/09/11

Report Casts Doubt on Forecasts for California High Speed Rail, LA Times, 07/29/11

Letter Slams State High-Speed Rail Authority's Handling of Project, Hanford Sentinel, 07/02/11

Experts Warn of Risk, 'No Plan B' for Bullet Train, California Watch, 07/08/11

Report:  High-Speed Rail Management Ignoring 'Clear Risk', Voice of the OC, 07/01/11

High-Speed Rail Plan Draws Analysts’ Concern Over Costs, Projections, California Watch,
California Watch
, 06/24/11

Legislature Votes to Tighten Up Oversight of High-Speed Rail, Sacramento Bee, 06/3/2011


LAO Review of California High-Speed Rail Program Draft 2012 Business Plan (11/15/11)

California High-Speed Rail Authority Funding Plan (11/3/11)

California High-Speed Rail Program Draft 2012 Business Plan (11/1/11)

“High-Speed Rail is at a Critical Juncture” – Legislative Analyst’s Office – May 10, 2011
Report recommends Caltrans take control of the project because of its “decades of experience in delivering large transportation infrastructure projects” with a “large complement of engineering staff in place.” 

California High-Speed Rail Peer Review Group Report #2 – May 2011

California High-Speed Rail Peer Review Group Report #1 – November 2010

California State Auditor Report on High-Speed Rail Authority – April 2010 


Senate Bill 985 (LaMalfa) 

Assembly Bill 1455 (Harkey)

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