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The Presidio Parkway Project Taxpayer Rip-Off


The Presidio Parkway Project would replace the existing 1.6 mile south access to the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. 

Phase I of the project is four competitively-bid construction contracts which have been awarded and included construction of the detour.  Bids for the contracts came in 40% under the estimated cost. Work on Phase I will be completed late 2011. 

Phase II of the project was four competitively-bid construction contracts fully funded through federal, state and local funds with an estimated cost of $473 million.  

In June 2009, design of Phase II was stopped while a Public Private Partnership (P3) approach using design-build was considered.  The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) decided to eliminate competitive bidding and move forward with a P3.  The California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved the project as a P3. Based on a February 2010 ARUP/PB report and state budget appropriations, the P3 design and construction cost will exceed $1.1 billion. 

Caltrans and the SFCTA awarded a single no-bid P3 contract on January 3, 2011 to Golden Link Concessionaire, LLC.  More than $1 billion will be taken from the State Highway Account over the next 30 years to pay the foreign investors.

The Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) filed suit to stop the award of the no-bid P3 contract so the project can proceed on schedule with fully funded competitively bid construction contracts at less than half the cost to the taxpayer.  On December 22, 2010 an Alameda County Superior Court Judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) to block Caltrans from signing the P3 contract. The TRO was lifted at 9:00 a.m. on January 3, 2011 and Caltrans immediately signed the P3 contract.  A court hearing on the legality of the contract was held on January 28, 2011 in Alameda County where the judge ruled against PECG’s suit.  PECG has appealed the ruling to a three judge panel at the Court of Appeal. 


Press Releases

PECG Asks California State Supreme Court to Save Taxpayers One Billion Dollars
9/16/11 Press Release

Engineers Granted Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Illegal, Wasteful P3 Agreement
for Presidio Parkway Project

12/22/10 Press Release

Engineers Seek Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Illegal, Wasteful P3 Agreement for Presidio Parkway Project
12/22/10 Press Release  

PECG Statement on CTC Approval of the Presidio Parkway Project as a P3
5/20/10 Press Release

PECG Launches Campaign Opposing Wasteful, No-Bid P3 Project Conversion
5/10/10 Press Release  

Radio Ads

Listen to the radio ads opposing this taxpayer rip-off which aired on KCBS All News 710 AM and KGO Newstalk 810 AM:

Radio Ad 1 (mp3 file)
Radio Ad 2 (mp3 file)

Court Documents

Superior Court Ruling issued Feburary 18, 2011

Temporary Restraining Order Ruling issued on January 3, 2011

Temporary Restraining Order issued December 22, 2010

Temporary Restraining Order Application filing on December 21, 2010

Presidio Parkway Project  Lawsuit filed in Alameda County on November 02, 2010 


Read the government reports opposing the P3 proposal: 



Doyle Drive/Presidio Parkway Project News Articles

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Engineers Ask State's Highest Court to Block Presidio Parkway Public-Private Partnership, BNA Infrastructure Investment & Policy Report, 09/11

Appeals Court OKs Doyle Drive Construction Plan, San Francisco Chronicle, 08/10/11

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State Engineers Seek to Block SF Project,
Capitol Weekly
, 12/23/10 

Doyle Drive’s Goofy Privatization Deal Stalled by Judge, San Francisco Weekly, 12/23/10 

Engineers Union Stops Private Investor Agreement to San Francisco’s Doyle Drive, San Francisco Business Times, 12/22/10

Buy Now, Pay Later Plan for Doyle Drive,
NBC Bay Area
, 12/21/10

Doyle Drive Privatization Deal Ripped By Legislative Analyst, San Francisco Weekly, 12/20/10

Doyle Drive Financing Questioned, San Francisco Examiner, 12/20/10

Engineers Union Sues Doyle Drive
San Francisco Business Times, 11/8/10

California Unions Sue to Stop Presidio Parkway PPP
Project Finance Magazine, 11/4/10

Doyle Drive's Costly Pothole
San Francisco Weekly, 06/9/10

Schwarzenegger Fires State Official Protesting $1.4 Billion Presidio Spending Scheme -
San Francisco Weekly Blog
, 06/2/10

California P3 Still Has Skeptics, The Bond Buyer, 5/28/10

Gov. Removes Former Glendale Mayor Larry Zarian From State Commission, Glendale News Press, 05/27/10

Schwarzenegger Appointee Dumped After Voting Against Administration, LA Times, 05/27/10

California Narrowly Approves First PPP Project  Infrastructure, 5/20/10

For Presidio, Questions of Legality
Infrastructure, 05/20/10

PECG Places Radio Ads to Oppose Presidio P3
nfraAmericas Infrastructure Investors Forum, 5/12/10

Group Wary of Private Funding for Doyle Drive Project
ABC 7 News Video, San Francisco, 05/11/10

CTC Delays Presidio Vote to May as Staff Urges Rejection
, 04/09/10

Plans for Doyle Drive Project Stirring Controversy
KTVU TV, 03/24/10

Competitive Bidding Articles

Read the news articles reporting how competitive bidding has saved taxpayers millions, including nearly $80 million for Doyle Drive

Transportation Bids Fall Amid Recession, San Francisco Chronicle, 04/28/10

Luck helps Ghilotti in Contract Bid, Contra Costa Times, 06/14/2009

Low Bids In For First Phase of Doyle Drive Project, CBS5 News, 10/08/09

A 40 Percent off Sale for Doyle Drive, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/07/09 

More Disastrous P3 Examples

Learn more about disastrous Public-Private Partnership Projects at

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